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Privacy and Security in the Internet of Things

Author: Jeff Katz

Cisco predicts there will be 25 billion devices connected to the internet this year, and double that number by 2020. If you are planning to develop and launch an IoT product, you might be wondering what could happen one day if the FSB comes knocking on your door. The security of your customers should be considered right from the start, and not as an afterthought. This session highlights how it is possible to leverage the benefits of IoT without sacrificing personal rights of your clients. The presentation will draw on real-world examples of connected services with privacy and security designed-in from the start.

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Jeff Katz has extensive experience in professional software and hardware development across a wide range of environments and languages in a large problem space, including physical access control, financial services, e-commerce, home entertainment and vehicles. He is currently focusing on the Internet of Things. As a technologist, architect, full-stack software, hardware and RF engineer, Jeff enjoys getting his hands dirty throughout the entire process and derives satisfaction from building and leading amazing teams and from working with great people on real and interesting problems.

Jeff Katz Jeff Katz

SSDL: One Day in the Life of a Developer

Author: Valery Boronin

Source code analysis at an implementation phase of an SDL/SSDL: how to make the process easier for a developer? How to implement analysis tools in a way that minimizes resources needed to fix errors? In some cases, the best decision is not to use a user interface. Attendees will watch Man—Machine interaction via source code.

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An expert in secure development at Positive Technologies, the head of the Research and Development center in Novosibirsk. Created the R&D center for Kaspersky Lab in Novosibirsk, where he promoted new areas: DLP, encryption, and incident management. Has more than 20 years of experience in software development. Participated in Russian and foreign conferences (DLP Russia). He is the author of many articles and a course devoted to information security and IT management.

Valery Boronin Valery Boronin