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  • 14.06.2016 PHDays VI: WAF Bypass Contest

    The WAF Bypass competition, now an annual event held during Positive Hack Days, an international forum on information security, was organized in May this year as well. More

  • 09.06.2016 PHD VI: How They Stole Our Drone

    This year, a new competition was introduced at PHDays, where anyone could try to take control over a Syma X5C quadcopter. More

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  • Positive Technologies is proud to host PHDays.

    In an age when everyone is increasingly connected, the people of Positive Technologies created a unique event to unite the information security community. Elite hackers and global leaders come together to experience information security issues directly through collaboration and competition.

    PHDays combines the professionalism of a huge research community with the excitement of hacking competitions. Unlike trade shows, PHDays minimizes formalities and maximizes practice.

    Last year, more than 2,000 people took part, including leading information security experts, intriguing personalities on the international hacking scene, students and young scientists, government representatives, and CIOs and CISOs of large international companies. These members of the information security community came together for two days of non-stop activities like:

    • Ethical hacking challenges to uncover vulnerabilities in ATM and credit card security
    • CTF contests pitting the world's best hacking teams against each other in real time
    • Competitions in hacking and protecting information resources
    • Practical information about the most recently developed security products
    • Experiments and hands-on learning under the guidance of leading security authorities
    • Round tables on the underground market for hackers’ services, vulnerabilities of iOS and Android smartphones, countering attacks on e-government websites, protecting SCADA and ERP, and much more.

    What makes PHDays distinct is our focus on collaboration. We acknowledge a fundamental truth: we need each other to make the world a safer place. Come join us at PHDays.