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Andy, the Polluters, Rick Deckard, and Other Bounty Hunters

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Author: Alfonso de Gregorio

This talk is about the vulnerability supply chain, its participants, and ethical questions that arise in the business. The speaker will explain his approach to such issues from the point of view of a zero-day exploits broker and will cover ethical principles and standards set forth in the Code of Business Ethics that he adopted.

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Alfonso De Gregorio is a security technologist, the founder of BeeWise, a principal security researcher at secYOUre, and the director of (a premium zero-day exploit acquisition platform). He also served as the chief security architect at an HSM vendor, as an expert at European Commission, and a visiting scholar at the Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC) research group. He has been a speaker at PHDays, CODE BLUE, HITB GSEC, HITBSecConf, ZeroNights, DeepSEC, AusCERT, and many other international security conferences.

Alfonso de Gregorio Alfonso de Gregorio

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