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The CPU Does Not Matter. A Simple Analysis of Binary Files Using IDAPython

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Author: Anton Dorfman

This hands-on lab will focus on approaches to automation of a preliminary analysis of binary files. Participants will learn what information can be obtained with IDA Pro, leaving processor architecture features aside. The moderator will also pay attention to fixing IDA's improper recognitions. Practical tasks and their solutions will be given.

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Anton Dorfman is a Candidate of Technical Sciences, researcher, reverser, and assembly language fan. He is a leading expert of the application analysis team at Positive Technologies. Anton is interested in automating any reverse engineering tasks. He was the third in the contest Best Reverser at PHDays 2012. Spoke at HITB, PHDays, and Zeronights. The author of over 50 scientific publications on computer security.

Anton Dorfman Anton Dorfman

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