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DDoS Mitigation Workshop

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Author: Krassimir Tzvetanov

This DDoS mitigation hands-on lab focusing on such popular attacks as SYN flood, Sloworis, etc. will demonstrate how specific tools are used to execute the attacks. The attendees will have an opportunity to dissect pre-recorded traffic and to mitigate an attack on an nginx server.

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Krassimir Tzvetanov is Principal Security Engineer at A10 Networks. His primary focus is threat intelligence, software and systems security research, and security software development practices. He also runs the Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT). In his previous engagements with Cisco Systems, Yahoo!, and Google, he was focusing on threat intelligence, penetration testing, designing and securing the edge infrastructure of production networks. He was also a department lead for DefCon and an organizer of BayThreat.

Krassimir Tzvetanov Krassimir Tzvetanov

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