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Building Honeypots to Monitor DDoS

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Author: Terrence Gareau

This talk will outline how to use DDoS vulnerable services to develop a honeypot network that will extract valuable information from the Internet and produce a data feed that can be used to protect online assets with Kibana, Elasticsearch, Logstash, and AMQP. The speaker will open-source a monitoring system (a project his team has been developing for the last two years) for reflective DDoS statistics that are external to any specific network.

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Terrence Gareau is Chief Scientist at Nexusguard. Prior to joining Nexusguard, he was Principal Research Scientist at A10 Networks and Principal Security Architect and the founding member of the PLXsert for Prolexic Technologies. A recognized expert in DDoS attack mitigation, prevention, and recovery, he has shared his knowledge at such international conferences as DEF CON, Microsoft Digital Crimes Consortium, RSA Conference.

Terrence Gareau Terrence Gareau

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