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Face to Face: the Arbiters of Security

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Moderator: Dmitry Gusev, InfoTeCS

Organizations of different types see information security from different standpoints: regulators set rules and requirements; companies ensure the safety and uninterrupted performance of their internal processes and at the same time seek to follow those requirements. Ideologists who create IT ecosystems and develop security solutions see the problems and possible solutions in their own way. How do representatives of these spheres see information security pressing issues? Are they able to solve these problems by themselves using their own tools? Would it be reasonable to join efforts? What IS solutions do developers offer and what is the role of government regulation? These issues will be discussed by the section’s attendees: representatives of government and business, developers of information security tools, CIO and CISO of large companies.


  • Natalya Kaspersky, InfoWatch
  • Boris Simis, Positive Technologies
  • Oleg Bosenko, Rosneft
  • Evgeny Kraynov, Federal Financial Monitoring Service
  • Kirill Alifanov, E.ON Russia
  • Sergey Ryzhykov, 1C Bitrix
  • Ilya Fedorushkin, Tizen
  • Representative of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia
  • Representative of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia

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  • Russian

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