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Industrial System Security: It's Time to Take Action

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Moderator: Ivan Melekhin

It is well proved by notorious incidents that cyber threats to industrial systems are as relevant as ever. Facilitated by Industry 4.0, integration with industrial processes makes cyber systems more vulnerable and exposed to attacks. The modern concept of manufacturing development implies new transparency requirements, horizontal and vertical integration of all industrial control elements within one or several enterprises. Only strong protection can guarantee a desired level of IT penetration.
Industrial security is one of the most difficult sectors to implement security solutions because of restrictions driven by the continuity of technological processes, possible attacks on information and physical objects, prohibited interference with technological processes, and specific equipment. Yet, there are solutions to this problem. While existing technologies are adjusted, new solutions, technologies, and products are elaborated and tested onsite. Our guests from leading manufacturing companies and automated information system developers will share their experience while discussing industrial system security.

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