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Fingerprinting and Attacking a Healthcare Infrastructure

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Author: Anirudh Duggal

There has been a recent spike in the number of attacks on healthcare intuitions, the most serious being the ransomware attacks. The attacks go beyond phishing victims and shutting down the entire infrastructure. The speaker will focus on how to fingerprint hospitals and healthcare institutions and how to defend a system against such attacks.

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Anirudh Duggal is a cybersecurity enthusiast who works at Philips Healthcare on securing medical devices, mobile apps, hardened systems, web services, and healthcare infrastructure. He previously worked at Infosys in the cloud security department. Founded a website on security challenges in the healthcare industry ( Presented solutions and systems at Microsoft Imagine Cup as a national finalist. Took an active part in Null and SecurityXploded. Speaker at Cocon, HITCON, Ground Zero and the forthcoming Nullcon 2016.

Anirudh Duggal Anirudh Duggal

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