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Mobile Communications are Insecure. Evidence-Based Arguments

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Authors: Sergey Puzankov and Dmitry Kurbatov

Any mobile operator’s networks contain vulnerabilities inherited from obsolete technologies. The report reveals the security level of mobile carriers based on data gathered during the investigation of real-life networks.

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Sergey Puzankov
Being an expert at Positive Technologies, he is engaged in the research of attacks against mobile operators’ networks, as well as the development of SS7 Scanner and SS7 Attack Discovery. The author of several publications on SS7 security.

Dmitry Kurbatov
He has 9 years of experience in information security of corporate networks, business applications, and telecommunication equipment. An expert at Positive Technologies and the Positive Research center. Participates in organizing the Positive Hack Days forum. Dmitry has published many articles on information security.

Sergey Puzankov and Dmitry Kurbatov Sergey Puzankov and Dmitry Kurbatov

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