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Groundbait: Analysis of a Surveillance Toolkit

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Author: Anton Cherepanov

Operation “Groundbait” (Russian: Prikormka) is an ongoing cybersurveillance that took place in Ukraine. The group behind this operation has been launching targeted attacks to spy on individuals with a political motive. The group is active since 2008. The talk will uncover details about the attack campaigns and provide a technical analysis of the used malicious toolkit. The speaker will share clues uncovered during his research that may point to the origin of the attackers.

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Anton Cherepanov graduated from South Ural State University. Works at ESET as a malware researcher. Specializes in IT security, reverse engineering and malware analysis automation. Spoke at CARO Workshop, Virus Bulletin, and ZeroNights.

Anton Cherepanov Anton Cherepanov

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