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Pseudo-Security of NFC Services

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Author: Lev Denisov

The Moscow public transport system is one of the largest in the world. More than five million passengers use the Troika card to pay fare for metro and ground transport. Due to new services, it is now possible to recharge the card via a cell phone with NFC. The speaker will discuss vulnerabilities that allow anyone to get access to card private data, clone the card, and use public transport for free.

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Lev Denisov is an expert in contactless payment technologies and automated fare collection (AFC) systems for public transit with more than 10 years of experience. He’s been involved in deployment of 50% of AFC and electronic contactless ticketing projects in Russia. He took part in first roll-outs of NFC payments and contactless payments with bank cards (PayPass, payWave). He is an evaluator and member of the OSPT Alliance. His team pioneered in the implementation of open security standards for contactless payments in public transport, as well as host card emulation for NFC payments. Speaks at specialized conferences, exhibitions, and forums (InfoSecurity Russia, UITP World Congress, Russian Public Transport Week).

Lev Denisov Lev Denisov

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