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Author: Andrey Masalovich

The whole range of means of information influence is used in both corporate communications marketing and astroturfing. The speaker will talk on how information attacks are developed, how to detect them at an early stage, and how to resist them. He will analyze the perception of information and the diffusion of information in social networks by using bots and trolls. The report also includes a quick social test of common participants of mass discussions.

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Andrey Masalovich is a member of the board of directors and the head of competitive intelligence group at DialogueScience. Runs several successful projects aimed at providing analytics for banks, business groups, large retail groups, and governmental organizations. The creator of the search engine Avalanche. He served as a lieutenant colonel of the Russian Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information. He has a PhD in physics and mathematics. A distinguished scientist, he was awarded a scholarship by the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1993. He has published works on data search and analysis. He conducted workshops in a number of universities in Russia and the US (Harvard, Stanford, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M). An expert for such organizations as RFBR, INTAS, ITC, APEC.

Andrey Masalovich Andrey Masalovich

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