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Real and Formal Security: Born to Be Together

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Author: Mikhail Emelyannikov

Technical security, i.e. vulnerability analysis, penetration tests, implementation of safety tools, is often considered as real, practical security as opposed to formal security. The speaker will show that these two types of security complement each other and it is impossible to solve actual security problems by using only one of them. Even when solving technical problems, it is easier to use the language of formal safety in communication with top managers. The speaker will present various case studies on the issue.

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Mikhail Emelyannikov, a cofounder of the consulting agency Emelyannikov, Popova and Partners, possesses over 30 years’ experience in the security field. He specializes in solving complex problems of risk management in the IT environment, concerning legal, organizational, and technical issues. He regularly consults the largest international companies on compliance with the Russian laws. For years, he has been the member of expert groups, councils, commissions at the Federation Council, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, Roskomnadzor, the National Council for Financial Markets. He is the author of numerous publications in the mass media and has elaborated the first Russian training course on the protection of trade secrets and personal data.

Mikhail Emelyannikov Mikhail Emelyannikov

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