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NFC: Naked Fried Chicken

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Author: Matteo Beccaro

This talk is about transportation security, frauds, and technological failures with focus on a general methodology for professional and amateur pentesters. The speaker will cover some severe vulnerabilities in real-world transportation systems based on NFC technologies and introduce an open-source application designed to pentest such systems via a smartphone.

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Matteo Beccaro is a security researcher enrolled in Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin. His research focuses on network protocols, NFC and EACS security. He is also the co-founder and CTO of Opposing Force, the first Italian company specialized in offensive physical security. He spoke at such international conferences as DEF CON 21, 30C3, Black Hat USA Arsenal 2014, DEF CON 22 Skytalks, Black Hat Europe 2014, Tetcon 2015, DEF CON 23, and ZeroNights 2015.

Matteo Beccaro Matteo Beccaro

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