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The EAST 4 SCADA Stand: How to Derail a Train

  • March 31, 2016

    Ever wondered if you could crash a train? Well, now you can give it a shot at the PHDays EAST 4 SCADA showcase. EAST 4 SCADA is being launched at this year’s PHDays event giving the opportunity to those interested in ICS security to try and find vulnerabilities in SCADA systems or, indeed, craft their own exploits — or even crash a train on our model railway.

    The EAST 4 SCADA team will conduct a workshop around typical vulnerabilities found in industrial systems and the ways to hack them with an open-source exploits and security tools framework called EAST. The showcase will include a range of automation systems from such industry leaders as ABB, Siemens, Rockwell, ICP DAS, etc.

    You will discover how to find vulnerabilities in ICS, SCADA and PLC components, as well as to create and run test modules and exploits that demonstrate the existing risks in SCADA. You can try out some simple methods designed to impact ICS test systems, find vulnerabilities, and derail the train.

    Both experienced hackers and newbies are welcome. We recommend you bring your own laptops.

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