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Non-Technical Program, or Hackers and Artists are only One Step Apart

  • March 18, 2016

    Do hackers and artists truly come from two different worlds? Well, we don’t believe that and to prove it we are continuing to build on last years’ experience, some would say experiment, at PHDays to bring together the hacker and artistic communities. So, what’s happening at this year’s PHDays VI?

    We are hosting an exhibition of work by Alexey Andreev, an artist from Saint-Petersburg. His artworks, using a digital painting technique, were a highlight of PHDays V with many visitors commenting on the work. Alexey draws the observer into a fantasy world where all is not as it seems, where the obvious is twisted into an alternative reality. Unusual themes, eccentric characters and surreal surroundings are all important elements of his work.

    This year Alexey is also presenting his augmented reality images. Forum visitors will be able to animate pictures via their smartphone. Just a simple app download, scan of a QR code, and within a couple of seconds you’ll be in a world of flying trains and post-apocalyptic monsters. The artists’ works will be available for purchase during PHDays. All event attendees will have the opportunity to meet with the artist during the event.

    As usual, there will be a game zone with retro game machines (Battleship and Autorally-M) plus games that became popular during the 90’s including: Sega, Dendy, and PlayStation. A new addition, this year, is a vending machine stocked with ‘real space food’ (packed in tubes as it would be for astronauts) to help energize participants before they attend their next presentation or engage in a long lasting warfare activity.

    We also have some other surprises including our robot. So if you tire of your colleagues why not try asking our robot a question instead? The robot will answer any question, but only if it likes you.

    Are you an art lover? If you are, then there is a feast for the eyes, as you will be surrounded by a multitude of objets d’art. A chronicle of PHDays displayed on a board of floppy disks, the hacker manifesto projected onto a huge screen, and optical installations which can only be appreciated from a certain viewpoint and distance from the installation. They cheat the eye and demonstrate how your brain tricks you — all this and more will be available at PHDays VI.

    PHDays VI is taking place at the World Trade Center in Moscow on the 17-18 May 2016. Specialists from the areas of information security, hacking, science, media, politics, and business will gather together at this forum. So, why not participate?

    Buy tickets now at To get a free ticket, present your research on information security (closing date for the second wave of CFP is March 31), show off your hacking skills in one of our contests (preliminaries and registration will start right before the conference).

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