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Media Partners

Title media partner - Hacker

Title media partner - Hacker HACKER is a magazine for those who are passionate about computers and are willing to develop and grow further in the field of IT. Every month, it provides descriptions of fresh software vulnerabilities, best viruses and Trojans, stories of computer hacks, case studies in programming and system administration, new technologies, computer tips and tricks.

Strategic internet partner –

Strategic internet partner – SecurityLab is one of the most well-known information security resources in Russia. News and information about various events connected to information security from all over the world, security bulletins of IT vendors, original and translated analytical articles are published on the portal. The most important part of the portal is the latest information about published vulnerabilities and recommendations on their elimination in the Russian language. Thousands of information security experts from Russia, CIS and foreign countries visit the forum of the portal every day. Securitylab ensures information support being a media partner of the main industry events.

Special media partner - RUBEZH

Special media partner - RUBEZH RUBEZH magazine is the first Russian trade and lifestyle magazine on the topic of security. It is addressed primarily to systems integrators, security equipment vendors, administrative officials and employees of specialized services.  RUBEZH magazine is a regular participant of Russian and international exhibitions, public forums and conferences.

Special internet partner -

Special internet partner - is the first independent Russian information analysis center dedicated to information security. covers technological and business components of the market including such its segments as software, hardware, and services.

Analytical Banking Journal

Analytical Banking Journal The Analytical Banking Magazine is a monthly magazine published since 1995. Over the past few years, it has earned a reputation as Russia’s most trusted edition for the banking industry. Its audience includes the top managers of banks and insurance, financial, and investment companies; government representatives and regulators from Russia, the CIS, the Baltic States, and other countries.

National Banking Journal

National Banking Journal The National Bank Magazine is the national scale business edition, devoted to the problems of the banking community. It was established by Association of Russian Banks in November, 2003.
The magazine covers a state of the domestic banking market, its part in the development of national economy and society, its place in the world financial system.
Three topical sections “Banks & World”, “Banks & Business”, “Banks & Society” disclose peculiarities of the bank community’s life and its activity in Russia and abroad. Every issue has a key topic, and basic articles refer to it.

BIS Journal

BIS Journal BIS Journal - Information security of banks» is a specialized periodic publication of information security of banks, credit and financial institutions and payment systems.
Published with the support of the Bank of Russia, FSB of Russia, Roskomnadzor and FSTEK of Russia, as well as the ARB and the  «AZI», «ABYSS» and «National Payment Council».
The problems of publications in the development of legislation, industry standards, requirements of state regulators, experience of maintenance of information safety of banks, credit organizations, payment systems, practice of protection of personal data and apply a digital signature.
The journal is published quarterly since January 2011, circulation : 7 000 copies. Apply for information security departments of more than 800 banks, non-Bank payment organizations, higher educational institutions within the Educational-methodical Association on information security of the banks, as well as on core business activities, which number more than 120 events per year.

Digital Substation

Digital Substation Digital Substation is one of the most authoritative online magazines devoted exclusively to the cutting-edge technologies employed by power generators. This online portal, popular among European and Russian firms, informs its readers of industry innovations and provides a wide opportunity for manufacturers to share their achievements and solutions. Digital Substation is your herald of the future.


StorageNews Storage News is the first specialized print journal in Russia and the CIS with a circulation of 5,000 copies published once in 2-3 months (4-5 issues per annum). The target audience of the journal, issued since 2000, are corporate clients.

PC MAGAZINE/Russian Edition

PC MAGAZINE/Russian Edition  PC MAGAZINE/Russian Edition is the leading monthly computer magazine. The magazine covers the latest world and Russian technological developments and products of interest to a wide spectrum of users. The magazine comes out 12 times a year with a circulation of 40,000 copeis.


ICT-Online started in 2008 and covers the issues of infocommunication technologies (that's why ICT-Online) on Russian market. The number of visitors is more than 100 thousands per month, number of subscribers who receives everyday maillist is over 2 thousands. The basic sections of are News, Interviews, Analytics and Projects. Everyday we publish several dozens of articles.

PC WEEK/Russian Edition

PC WEEK/Russian Edition “PC WEEK/Russian Edition” is a weekly IT newspaper. The newspaper covers leading technologies, news of the world and Russian computer markets of interest to corporate user. It is distributed free of charge to companies with more than 10 PCs.

Strategic mediapartner — Computerworld Russia

Strategic mediapartner — Computerworld Russia Computerworld Russia is the leading international weekly on information technology and telecommunications. The important events of the IT Industry in Russia and in the world, new technologies, products and services, examples of successful introductions of information systems at the domestic enterprises. Main topics: Practical orientation. From the analysis of technological novelties of the IT Industry and representation of real experience of automation of the domestic companies up to the techniques of the decision of problems of a choice, support, development of information systems, decisions of organizational and personnel questions in IT Divisions and their integration into business structure of the enterprises and the organizations. The weekly leans against world experience of IT Branch which is accumulated by our partner IDG, whose divisions work in 40 countries of the world.


Computerra Computerra ( — a place where people come to learn more about the latest developments, new technologies and their impact on society.


JSON.TV JSON.TV is the leading market analyst and purveyor of strategic news for the Telecom, IT and Internet sectors within Russia and CIS. Through a wealth of analyst data provided by consultancy and mar¬ket strategist J`son & Partners, JSON TV guarantees deep market insights to online global audience. JSON.TV (Analytics + TV) is a brand-new video-format of ICT markets research and analysis, global trends monitoring, overview of the key events and professional analytics across all the segments of the telecom, IT, media, Internet markets and digital industry in Russia and CIS.


AppTractor AppTractor — one of the biggest media sources in Russia covering the development and marketing of mobile applications. The site is talking about everything that could be interesting for mobile industry audience. Analytics, apps development, marketing, business and people.

The System administrator

The System administrator The System administrator magazine – the leading Russian trade publication for IT specialists. His purpose – providing full and objective information on decisions, products and technologies of modern IT branch. "System administrator" is included in the Russian index of scientific citing - The main task of the edition – promoting of the best developments of IT specialists of the different countries. 90% of articles in the magazine have applied character, are supplied with examples, tables, graphic material. For this reason the System administrator magazine is a desktop grant for IT professional and those who have decided to do career in IT. Audience of the edition – the enterprises and the organizations of all activities, and also technical colleges of the country.


BIT BIT. Business & Information technologies" - the edition for heads and top managers of the companies, the enterprises and the organizations of all activities. Audience of the edition – the enterprise and the organization of all activities. It is the industry and energy industry, large, medium and small business, banks and insurance companies, the state organizations, telecommunications, health care, education, tourism and sport.
The magazine extends on a subscription, both in Russia, and in neighboring countries. There is an electronic version which is available to everyone worldwide. Also "BIT" can be received on the leading branch actions in Russia or to buy in the international online store Magzter. For those who want to read the edition on the tablet there are appendices under all mobile platforms.


Bankir.Ru Bankir.Ru is a resource about banks and Russian financial market, intended for bankers, specialists, financial analysts, researchers, customers and everyone interested in banking. This is a single professional banking portal in Russian Internet which has a 14-year history. The resource is a leading supplier of economic and financial information. For the moment Bankir.Ru is one on the most visited business portals in Russia. The main direction in the work of Bankir.Ru is active participation in development of banking business in Russia, improving the quality and widening the range of financial services for the customers of Russian banks. We believe that the Russia's banking system have to and is able to be competitive regarding the leading world financial systems. Our goal consists in promoting and developing of banking in Russia, improving professional skills of banking personnel, informational transparency of domestic financial market. Any visitor of Bankir.Ru will find the answer to any question of his interest regarding banking and other topics; will get to know the latest news in economics, analytical materials and interesting people; will learn a lot of new and interesting information about operating financial institutions; will be able to find a new job or select a qualified specialist for a bank. Banking «News» provides an excellent opportunity to operatively view the current situation in banks, to keep the track of latest events in economics and finances. We accumulate all the relevant and interesting reports of leading news agencies and also unique news of separate banks.

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics is the magazine about The Way The World Works. We engage our readers by breakthroughs on the latest advances in science and technology in Russia and all over the world, cutting edge innovations in the fields of space, aviation, weapons, computers and cars – in short, with all the attainments of human minds, which will soon change our daily lives.

Banking Overview (B.O)

Banking Overview (B.O) Banking Overview (B.O) is a round-up of events on the banking market, information about regulators’ plans and actions, expert opinions, business practice, industry ratings and research, descriptions of new solutions and services. B.O now includes:
•    a monthly business journal Banking Overview (with appendices)
•    a banking portal
•    an annual award “Banking Sphere”
•    industry conferences

Information Security

Information Security Information Security is a unique journal designed for information security specialists who share common interests and willingness to improve and secure the world. The target audience of the journal, issued since 2004, includes industry specialists, heads of information and economic security departments, heads of IT and telecommunications divisions, HR directors, CFOs. Its online version ( is available since 2008.

Global CIO

Global CIO Global CIO is the largest official association of CIOs in Russia. The aim of Global CIO is to be a working tool for each IT director and serve as a sole information source and professional network contributing to the IT community in Russia.
Members of Global CIO have access to colleagues and experts discussions on key IT issues, real business cases, analytics, announcement of events, vacancies, provider and project registers, CIO knowledge base and more.


IKS-MEDIA IKS-MEDIA is an information resource for telecom, IT, and mass media business in Russia and the CIS. IKS magazine and web-portal IKSMEDIA.RU — effective sources of information for CIOs, IT and ICT specialists in large and medium-sized enterprises. IKS-MEDIA provides industry, technologies, and services news; analytics, M&A, surveys, and market forecasts.

Open security

Open security Open Security is an information security podcast present on the Runet since 2013 with interesting guests, important events, and plain-language answers to topical questions.


BIS TV BIS TV is a TV channel that has been covering the most important information security topics and events since 2013.
Here you can find news reports, reviews, talk shows, and studio discussions featuring the world's leading infosec professionals.
The channel's target audience includes infosec experts — IT security managers and officers from financial organizations and payment systems. BIS TV enlightens the masses on practical aspects of protection against cybercriminals.
The TV channel has many opportunities for cooperation with industry insiders: inviting security experts to news broadcasts and debates, presenting their work, covering their company's events, etc. The channel regularly sponsors major infosec events. is a website that explains in simple terms what an e-signature and its scope are. follows events related to secure electronic workflows and information security. The portal also provides the latest information on the development of the global electronic trading market. It helps its readers to stay informed on the most advanced information security developments, legislation changes, news from trading platforms and certification authorities.


Apps4All Apps4All - Russian community of mobile applications developers and mobile technology enthusiasts. We help to create better products for smart phones and portable devices, combining the ideas, people, and business needs.

The Business Magazine

The Business Magazine The Business Magazine is the most widely published all-Russian business paper for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and CEOs. It is published monthly in more than 20 regions of Russia with a total circulation of up to 100,000 copies. The magazine is an open platform for the exchange of business experience and promotion of modern financial, marketing and management solutions. Spreading information on better business practices, the magazine is focusing on the practical aspects of running a business in Russia.